Abandoned Hotell from Soviet times …


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Finally it is time to restart my blogging hobby and finally I have some photos to share. So here we go, phoneography from abandoned soviet hotell …

As this might seem rather creepy to some people, entering it to this week’s photo challenge!

Entrance …


Restaurant Kitchen …

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Bakery …


Manager rooms …

1410 4 3

Other places around …

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure!


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For this week’s photo challenge, I’ve decided to share a photo of my daughter. I think there is something fabulous in the way kids communicate with animals. We were walking down one of our local parks and saw a bunch of geese. Obviously, my kids decided that those poor things need immediate attention and dining. 🙂 So, I took some photos of those. The only thing is that it was quite windy, so hair is a bit messed up for a portrait. But that is not a big problem, if you ask me, since kids photography should never be scripted.

Did some post-processing on this one today and decided that it is a good candidate.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue


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For this week’s photo challenge, I’ve decided not only to upload a couple of photos, but also to try wordpress web-interface for making posts instead of my personal favorite Live Writer. As of now, it looks like I might be able to manage, but let’s see … Don’t be too strict, please … 🙂

So, back to the content itself, here are a couple of photos from our fishing trip last weekend. Obviously, no fish was harmed, as there is literally no chance to catch any in Finland, but at least it was fun to spend some time with our kids.

Image00001 Image00002So, as usually please enjoy. Any comments, suggestions and constructive feedback is warmly welcome!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette


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For this week’s Photo Challenge, I’ve decided to go to archives and post a photo that I took a year ago at our local amusement park during fireworks.


The quality is not the best possible, as original raw image was lost during the sickness on my laptop. 🙂 Always make backups … But that is another story … 🙂 Have a great day!

Canon 50mm 1.8 (re-trial)


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Finally, I’ve gotten my beloved 50mm 1.8 back. Here is the result of giving it a very quick spin at our yard taking portrait of my daughter. Really awesome lens and perhaps one of my favorites these days.


Quite possibly we will visit local amusement park next weekend and I would do some street photos there, though the weather forecast doesn’t seem to be really promising. 🙂 So, let’s see.

Camera setup: Canon EOS 1100D (yes, I still haven’t upgraded it yet!) + 50mm @ 1.8. ISO: 100, Exposure: 1/1580. Some color correction (contrast + brightness + blacks) was done in RawTherapee + size reduction for blog in FastStone.

Catalina affair (Catalinaaffären) exhibition


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Finally I had some time to go through the photos from Swedish Air Force Museum and especially from DC-3 exhibition. Which, to me, is one of the most interesting museums and exhibitions so far.

As for historical background, DC-3 was shot down by Soviet MIG-15s according to investigations, during it’s spy operation over Baltic Sea. Obviously, Soviets didn’t admit that for quite a while due to political reasons, but now that everything is public, we seem to know the truth that government wants us to know. So, enjoy the pictures (hope they are OK, even though all shot through the glass and without any tripod) and make sure to visit the museum if you will be in Sweden. Trust me, it is worth it! Some photos might be not really pleasant for some people, so, please read on if you want to see those.

Image00001 Image00003

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