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Well, surprisingly enough, I seem to have some sort of creativity crisis now, so it is kinda hard to go and photograph something for the blog. I mean, there is a crap load of work at the moment, so perhaps I’m just too tired or smth. And the main point is that I don’t want to bother people with my old attempts to photograph something. 🙂 However, here is the one I really like:


It was taken in Norrköping flygplats (Norrköping airport) Sweden on the way back from a business trip. I didn’t have my camera gear with me at that moment, so I was simply taking a picture with my phone. No post processing, no editing in the phone, nothing. Just nice and clean picture as it is.

Obviously, I could have done it better, but I didn’t have any other purpose than to take a picture of an airplane for my son, who is always asking me to photograph airplanes that I’m flying with.

Honestly speaking, I love airplanes, I love business trips, I love traveling. But, unfortunately, I don’t have enough time for that. Being even more honest, this is quite fortunate in fact, because the lack of time comes from the fact that I absolutely can not survive long without my family.

Anyhow, enough talking …


camera: built in @ Sony Xperia S, lens: God knows what lens it has … ISO, Shutter, Aperture: not a slightest clue. 🙂

Have a great day and as always, constructive feedback is warmly welcome!