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So, Monday it is and I figured it is a good idea to share what I’ve done during last week. I was mostly concentrating on work, since my new position takes lots of effort, however I managed to take some photos that deserve to be shared (remember, I’m no pro!) … I was mostly playing with different effects, that might be not interesting for many people, but for me it was sort of a way to get my daily dose of photography …

First was the “Star Trails”:


This one was made with 29 images, 30sec exposure each. Which is 14.5 minutes, if I’m not completely dumb at great science of basic algebra. 🙂 I should have spent more time with it, but I really wanted to try something else the same night so I jumped into light painting … The result of which you can see in my previous post.

Then, just about yesterday, we went out with my kids and decided to have some fun. Kids really loved the result:

AnnikaFlyCrop         NikoFlyCrop

We did some portraits as well, but that is still under processing. I will post those as soon as I get them done, but can’t really promise much, since I’m rather busy with my work activities at the moment.

So, please let me know what you think.