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The evening was quite usual. “Home office”, nice cup of tea steaming away, Indian meditation music in the background and a fresh set of photos, taken recently. Kids are going crazy in their room, destroying everything on their way. Fighting about who should play with the phone and who should the force be with in a lego star wars PSII game. So, total relaxation … Broken by my wife asking “What in the name of Lord makes this creepy noise?”. So, back to normal: DnB amplifier on full power and the rest of the world can go fuck a duck!

But somehow this lovely DnB set made me think of one of the family events we had a few years ago, so I decided to go through some old photos instead of retouching new ones today.

The funniest thing is that those photos were made when we’ve just bought our lovely Canon and I was trying out few different things. So, technically, the pictures are complete crap, but, there is something in those … (some taken by my wife, some taken by me … who knows, who cares …)


Our dog, Actionix (AKA Nixu, AKA Ahmed) really young. Many people ask me, why do I call him “Ahmed”. Well, this picture was taken just a few days before this lovely beast has destroyed 2/3 of my home brewing system. So, the capacity was down from 60L to 20L. Which can be considered as a quite a manifesto of terrorism. At the time I was a big fan of Jeff Dunham, so …

Annika Niko

Our kids are so small here. The thing with the kids is that they change every day. One day I will be old and grumpy … Sitting there in my old armchair, going through this photos … Promise …

It has been just a couple of years since our last visit to Helsinki zoo, but life has changed so dramatically that I can already consider that part of it being some sort of a legacy feature.

Other photos from the same even looked quite funny to me, so, I hope you find them entertaining as well:

IMG_2794 IMG_2979  IMG_3005 IMG_2851

And the last one for this post was the picture of some agricultural device, that was taken near our fishing place:


It serves as a piece of decoration for the pub that they have near by, but I think it was quite a useful bit some time ago.

Sorry for this rather clumsy post, but the thing is that the feelings caused by these photos are so great and nostalgic that I just couldn’t stop myself.