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Well, honestly, I’m bored … And “bored” means that I’m bored to death. Bored so much that I can’t even force myself to take out my DSLR and go take some pictures. So, today, while going through “Reader” @ wordpress I’ve stumbled upon this post: August Photo Challenge. So, I’ve decided to come up with a challenge for myself. 7 days, 7 photos. random.org to select the topics from above mentioned post… Here is the Grande Plan:

Day 1: “entrance”
Day 2: “corridor”
Day 3: “early”
Day 4: “stairs”
Day 5: “a sign”
Day 6: “10 minutes from home”
Day 7: “macro”

Let’s see how life goes. The only problem that I have with this one is the fact that I’m coming quite late from work. So, it might be mostly long-exposure pictures. I will start tomorrow. However, I’m not exactly sure should I post every picture separately or just combine them in one post. Let’s see …