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Well, it has been really busy days here in Finland. Mostly related to the fact of being totally overloaded at work and lack of proper internet connection at my house. I was using 3G connection before and it was working like a charm, but for some reason, they’ve decided that there is no need to have 3G in the woods and it has somehow disappeared. Yet another reason was that since my car decided that it is time to go to service, I have to use public transport for a while, before I will get some chance to have a day-off and have it properly serviced (Timing belt story, in case you are wondering). The problem is that I have to waste about 1 hour in each direction every day and feel like a jellyfish when I come back home. I know those are not good enough reasons, but at least I’m honest. 🙂

Now, to something more interesting. The plans…

If everything goes well, I will be on a business trip in Stockholm during Wed-Fri this week. So, that calls for some evening/night photography, provided that I will come up with a plan of how to take my camera gear with me and not letting anyone steal it at the airport on the way back. 🙂 So, if you have some ideas on what to photograph in Stockholm, those are more than welcome at comment section or in PM!

Another thing is that I’ve almost managed to finish post-processing my “Amusement park closing day” photo set, so some of those pictures should be posted quite soon.

So, summarizing all of the above, I’m still alive and I’m back! More photos are coming soon! Please stay tuned!