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Well, here it is. Some of the pictures I’ve taken with my phone (no post-processing at all) in Stockholm. As usually, the ones taken with DSLR still require post-processing and, quite unfortunately, for the most part, those are pictures of people and I didn’t manage to get release from them, so can’t really post. Sorry for that. But just to keep it shared, posting the stuff from the phone.


First is the most important one! During my stay in Stockholm, Finland was celebrating it’s independence day, so even in Sweden we’ve found the way to have a bit of celebration of that! Happy independence day, Lovely Country!



2 above pictures are from lovely “Kvarnen” restaurant, where we had our dinner. The restaurant is absolutely amazing and the quality of service is awesome! We were 40 people coming there at the same time and there was no delay with service! Warmly recommended!


Being a big fan of beer, I’ve gotten a recommendation from me mate to visit “Akkurat” pub in Stockholm. We were discussing this for a couple of years, but unfortunately during all my trips, I’ve never had time to go there. Now I finally managed to do so and I must say that even though the pub looks quite like “nothing extra”, the beer and snack selection there is fantastic! So, next time in Stockholm, make sure to visit it!

So, all in all, the trip was great! Lots of new thoughts and ideas! More pictures to come! So, stay tuned and remember that your opinion is very valuable, so please leave a comment!