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I’ve heard a lot of things about corruption and how money flow in mother Russia. As one of my work mates once said, we are not that bad, but we are getting there. Nothing to be proud of, really. Here is the truth about Sochi from Jeff Cable’s (pro photographer at Sochi Olympics) point of view.When I’ve read about the crap that is going on in Sochi, I couldn’t really believe it. But now it comes from the source that I trust 100%. Comments from the man on the field. Professional photographer: Jeff Cable.

Hotels are crap, but that doesn’t surprise me. I’ve traveled to Russia a couple of times and I understand that for frequent traveler Russian hotels might be quite an experience. But the fact that press/media guys don’t have WiFi connection in their hotel rooms … 

I’m not a writer myself and I really hate to tell someone else’s stories, so please read original articles on Jeff’s blog.

Currently, apart from amazing photos, there are 2 articles related to the situation:

An update from Sochi – everything in the press is true

Photos from behind the scenes in Sochi – The hotel and the Main Press Center (MPC)