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Finally I had some time to go through the photos from Swedish Air Force Museum and especially from DC-3 exhibition. Which, to me, is one of the most interesting museums and exhibitions so far.

As for historical background, DC-3 was shot down by Soviet MIG-15s according to investigations, during it’s spy operation over Baltic Sea. Obviously, Soviets didn’t admit that for quite a while due to political reasons, but now that everything is public, we seem to know the truth that government wants us to know. So, enjoy the pictures (hope they are OK, even though all shot through the glass and without any tripod) and make sure to visit the museum if you will be in Sweden. Trust me, it is worth it! Some photos might be not really pleasant for some people, so, please read on if you want to see those.

Image00001 Image00003

Image00004 Image00005

Image00006 Image00007

Image00008 Image00010

Image00012 Image00013

Also, there were some personal belongings of the crew members found, pictures below …

Image00002 Image00014

Image00015 Image00016